Proplend Loan Investment Tranches

Published on April 12, 2017

To help you identify investments that meet your risk-reward profile, Proplend pioneered the peer to peer lending Loan Tranche Model. We understand that investors have different risk and return appetites, so our platform loans are split into up to three loan to value (LTV) based ranges – enabling more people to feel comfortable investing.

For example, Proplend Tranche A loans are one of the lowest-risk loan investments on the UK P2P market. Loan capital is capped at 50% of the securing property value for these investments with an average annual interest rate (AIR) of 6.91%* pa. At the other end of our scale, Tranche C (our higher risk) investments, are capped at 75% LTV with an average AIR of 11.05%*. *AIRs calculated for 12-month period to 30 June 2017

P2P Lending Investments Risk v Reward Comparison

These same loan tranches are available to invest in via our IFISA – simply choose the tranche (or tranches) with a risk-reward balance you’re comfortable with, across the loan investments that you want to invest in. You can choose to invest across multiple loans and one or more LTV-based tranches to diversify your Proplend IFISA. We’re not authorised to offer investment advice.