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Proplend’s P2P platform connects Investors with commercial Borrowers. All Loans are secured by UK income producing commercial property.

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Loan Investing That Matches Your Risk-Return Appetite

Invest in the loan to value-based 'Tranche' investments and loans you're comfortable with. Diversify your Loan Investments or lend to one borrower.


0-50% LTV

7.33% pa*

Lower Risk

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51-65% LTV

9.38% pa*

Medium Risk

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66-75% LTV

10.98% pa*

Higher Risk

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All our P2P marketplace loans are secured by a 1st legal charge over an income producing commercial property.


With peer to peer lending, capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


*This is the annualised percentage return after fees, but before bad debt and taxes for active loans on the platform for the 12 month period to 31 December 2017, with Interest not re-lent. It is calculated by taking an average of the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) across all loans. The average AIR is not weighted based on the value of the monies lent and assumes that the average AIR is achievable based on lending the same amount to all loans listed on the platform. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. (Source: Proplend)

Fixed Income Returns – Interest paid monthly

Secured – All loans backed by 1st legal charge over commercial property

Transparency – Invest in commercial loans to suit your risk-return appetite

Tax Free – If investing via SIPP, SSAS or IFISA

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Once you become a Proplend Lender you gain immediate access to all available UK Loan Investments, including all supporting loan documents. You are in control and you select your investments based on: property type, location, loan term, interest rate and individual risk-return appetite.

Funding your Lender Account is simple and after transferring the minimum £1,000 you’re ready to invest and earn! No account opening or annual fees, just the 10% ‘Lender Fee’ deduction from your fixed monthly income.

Your Lender Dashboard lets you monitor all Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) Investments and all ‘In Funding’ Loans available. You receive monthly income payments direct to your Lender Account and at the end of the loan term you’re free to withdraw or reinvest your capital.

Proplend has full FCA approval for P2P Lending. Our IFISA (Innovative Finance ISA) launched to existing platform lenders in May 2017 and new customers from 1 August.   Our comprehensive IFISA guide details how it all works.


Borrower: UK
LLP or Ltd Co.

Rate of Return:
5-12% p.a. after fees but before bad debt, taxes

Loan Amount:
£250k and up
Max. 75% LTV

Invest from £1k:
3 LTV Tranches A, B, and C

Lending Term:
6 to 60 months
Resale via PLE

Secured by:
Retail, Leisure, Industrial or Office Property

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In my experience to date Proplend are streets ahead of the other P2P companies that I use.

Bill, Proplend Investor, Sussex

I like Proplend for its simple service, extraordinarily low-risk property loans and very attractive interest rates.

Matthew Howard, 4thWay Analyst & P2P Specialist

Good Open P2P Company. I have been lending through Proplend for over 6 months and can only praise their systems and clear communication.

Norman, Proplend Investor, East Sussex

Good documentation allows me to fully assess the risk of my investment.

Louise, Commercial Property Finance Expert & Proplend Investor

Fantastically good security.

Neil Faulkner, 4thWay Managing Director & P2P Specialist

Proplend borrowing was instrumental in our share purchase of a business. The creative and flexible solutions offered to us not only assisted with a problematic purchase process but their expertise and knowledge of the funding and legal process helped enormously.

Chris, Proplend Borrower and Company Director, Birmingham

I like the way the loans are tailored such that investors with different risk appetites can take on the risk they're comfortable with.


I’d definitely recommend the platform to other commercial borrowers

Marc, Proplend Borrower, Southampton
  • Proplend @proplend / Thu Mar 22

    Delighted to be considered among 'six of the best' Innovative #ISA providers by #p2plending experts @P2P4thWay. Our… https://t.co/NU3pveGZbE

  • Proplend @proplend / Thu Mar 22

    Six best IFISAs providers named by 4th Way’s new comparison service #Proplend #ISA #IFISA #4thway #P2P https://t.co/mD6KLBPuwe

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