Invest and Earn in Property-Backed Loans

Our secure and transparent platform matches borrower demand for loans with investor demand for inflation-beating income. Regular and stable monthly P2P income from 5%-12% p.a.

*Average annualised interest rate after fees, but before bad debt & taxes. Returns are tax free when investing through our IFISA or your pension.

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Secured, risk-adjusted, fixed interest P2P lending

Investing in P2P property debt

Debt is the safest type of property investment. It’s senior to the borrowers equity, providing a cushion which protects the lenders investment and pays regular fixed income returns. No investor losses to date.

Investing via Proplend's platform

Property-Secured Investing

All loans on Proplend's platform are backed by way of a 1st legal charge on a commercial property. With a choice of up to three loan to value-based 'Tranches' to invest in, choose the risk-return levels you're comfortable with.

LTV-based investment tranches

Auto-Lend - Coming soon

Automatically invest and diversify your Freedom Invest, ISA or Pension funds across our safest Tranche A investments. Enable 'Auto-Lend' via your Proplend Dashboard or continue to manually select your loans.

Three simple ways to invest

'Classic' account - Unlimited but taxable

Invest as much of your cash, whenever you want. Choose which LTV-based Tranches to invest in or use our new Auto-Lend facility. Register, deposit & invest same day. Individual, Corporate & Institutional accounts.

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Innovative ISA account - Tax-free returns

Invest in our loans through an Innovative Finance ISA and earn the same fixed income returns, tax free. Subscribe with this year's ISA allowance or fund with transfers from existing ISAs. Manual select & Auto-Lend options.

More about our Flexible IFISA

Pension Investments via your SIPP/SSAS

Invest via either a SIPP or SSAS pension wrapper. Same returns but loan interest accrues tax free. Ask your existing SIPP/SSAS provider about P2P investing or contact us for more information.

More about Pension Investments

In 2017 our lenders earned an average return of 8.67% on their invested capital.

All loans are split in up to three Loan to Value (LTV) based credit bands or ‘Tranches’. The higher the tranche, the higher the risk and the higher the return offered.


Tranche A: 7.33%*      Tranche B: 9.38%*      Tranche C: 10.98%*                          *Average annualised interest rate after fees, but before bad debt & taxes.

More information about our LTV-Based Loan Investment Tranches

Platform statistics – no investor losses to date

How Investing Works

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What our lenders are saying about us

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“Fantastically good security backed up by steady borrower income” – 4thWay

“Proplend has been awarded our top rating of 5 plus for its Tranche A product. Protected by property that’s valued at more than twice the size of the loan. Borrowers must also ‘reserve’ three to 12 months of loan interest payments in advance.”

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I have introduced some clients to them because of the confidence I feel in them.

“I have been investing in P2P loans for a few years now. I came across Proplend and liked their proposition and the transparency and decide to give them a go. I have made several investments now and am increasing the capital I commit. Good reporting, no surprises so far, and they seem very willing to communicate.”

David, Proplend Investor, London,