Choosing Which Loans and Tranches to Invest In

Published on April 12, 2017

You’re free to invest all your Proplend IFISA to one preferred loan or diversify your loan investments across multiple platform loans listed as either ‘In Funding’ or ‘Proplend Loan Exchange’.

Upon registering as a Lender, you will immediately gain access to additional information about our loans and borrowers to start considering which loan (or loans) you’re interested in. Once verified, we’ll give you access to all our due diligence information so you’re ready to invest when your account is funded. You’ll be able to review the valuations, leases and borrower disclosures that we used to make our decision whether to accept the loan request.

You’ll have your own preferences in terms of loan profile – the securing property location, the borrowing company’s industry and any additional security being offered. However the biggest single factor impacting your choice of loan investment(s) is likely to be your risk-reward preference. We’ve tried to make this choice as straightforward as possible for you by grouping investments by their loan to value (LTV) percentage but we’re not authorised to offer investment advice.

Borrower Equity Cushion for Proplend Tranches - Graphic