Secured UK Commercial Property Lending

Invest peer to peer and earn between 5-12% p.a.*

*Annualised percentage return after fees, but before bad debt and taxes for active loans

Proplend connects investors directly to borrowers with loans secured against income producing Commercial Property in England and Wales.

Commercial property debt is a long established asset class that offers investors a reliable and attractive source of income with limited capital risk. P2P loan investments are riskier than cash but less risky than equity investments. Invest alongside other Proplend Investors or on a whole loan basis. Benefits of our platform include:

  • Fixed monthly income - interest paid monthly
  • Security - all loans are supported by a 1st legal charge over an income producing UK commercial property
  • Choice of loan to value ' tranches' - select the risk-reward levels and loans you're comfortable with
  • Fully automated platform - invest direct through your Proplend online Lender Dashboard
  • Tax free income - invest using your SIPP or SSAS pension and soon ... IFISA


Investors earn attractive rates of risk adjusted returns - lending to creditworthy UK corporate borrowers. 

Registering as a Lender is Easy

All visitors can browse current Loan Investments - interest rates, terms and securing properties.

Registering as a Proplend 'Lender' gives you full access to our loan and borrower 'due diligence' information.

View Loan Investment Opportunities Instantly

The Proplend platform is fully transparent and every loan is supported by a 1st legal charge over an income producing UK commercial property.

Investors can perform their own due diligence by accessing the draft loan contract, legal report, valuation report and loan request document.

View all active loans on the PLE or new loans In Funding:

Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE):

A marketplace that offers investors immediate access to monthly income.

All Loans listed on the PLE are fully funded and have been drawn down by the borrower.

Investors select a pre-determined loan amount from the available Loans and immediately start earning interest.

In Funding (IF):

Newly approved Borrower Loan Requests.

All Loans listed In Funding start earning interest once the Loan is fully funded and drawn down by the borrower (approx. 5-7 days)

Investors can pre-offer and decide the initial loan amount and tranche level, offering the most control over the investment.

Select Loan Investments based on:

Property asset class:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Residential Blocks
  • Loan Term

    6 to 36 months

  • Geographic Location


  • Tranche / LTV

    C – 66-75%
    B – 51-65%
    A – 0-50%

  • Interest Rate Return

    5-12% pa*

Transfer Funds

Transfer the minimum £1,000 to the Proplend Client Money Account. All account details are secured and stored on encrypted storage systems.

Invest & Earn 5-12% pa*

Investors receive interest payments direct to their Lender account and can start building a diversified portfolio by investing in multiple Loans across different Tranche levels, Property types and Loan terms.

Loan Re-Paid: Withdraw or Re-Invest

At the end of the loan term the borrower repays the principal loan amount and the investor can withdraw or reinvest.

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