FinTech – Peer to Peer Commercial Property Lending

FinTech Infographic

With the wrap-up of another successful London Tech Week, we felt it was the perfect time to reflect on the role technology has played in the Commercial Property finance sector.


Old vs New, Then vs Now? How has the FinTech boom improved the lending process?

And more importantly how easy is it for an investor to earn 5-12% pa* by using a peer to peer commercial property lending platform? Very.


*After fees, before bad debt and taxes



  • Collect and distribute data quickly and efficiently
  • Current, tech advanced systems
  • Online, secure documentation
  • Ease of movement of capital online
  • Using technology to improve customer experience


Click HERE to view our Infographic on FINTECH & Peer to Peer Commercial Property Lending

Proplend FinTech P2P Lending

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