Tranche A Portfolio

Proplend Tranche A Portfolio Table

It is no surprise that we believe that Tranche A offers one of the smartest P2P Lending investments available in the UK marketplace, with over 200% capital protection secured against UK income producing Commercial Property.


To highlight the types of returns Lenders can receive when investing in Tranche A Loans, we put together an example Loan portfolio from Tranche A Loan Investments currently on the Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE). The portfolio is diversified across five Loan Investments, returns 7.12% pa*, is secured with a first legal charge over the properties, and offers over 200% capital protection, plus six months of retained interest.

Tranche A Portfolio

*Before fees, bad debts and taxes
**After fee but before bad debts and taxes


All loans listed in the portfolio are performing and covenants have been met as of April 26th, 2016.


Investors can build their own bespoke Loan portfolio by selecting the Loan Investments on the PLE that best suit their investment criteria.


Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE)


The PLE is a marketplace for Active Loans, it gives investors the opportunity to buy loans that have already been drawn down and that are already paying interest.


Active Proplend investors also have the ability to sell their loans through the PLE should they wish to liquidate certain positons.


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