Time is Money – High Speed Property Investing

Published on November 21, 2016

Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase ‘Time is money’ and this never can this ring truer within property investing.


Property is a long time trusted investment asset class, we all live in flats and houses, we work in offices, we buy from shops, we socialise in pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and hotels and when we are sick we go to the doctors, dentists or hospital.


We touch property all day and every day but investing in property can be a long, cumbersome and laborious process. It takes time to put your money to work.




The world we live is changing in front of our eyes, AirBnB is the world’s biggest accommodation company but owns no hotels, Uber is the world’s biggest transport company but owns no cars, Facebook is the world’s biggest media company but produces no content.


The internet is giving the individual full control over the management of their finances, the way that we bank and invest has changed. When was the last time you walked into a bank or met your Financial Advisor? We now not only have the technical ability to bank and invest online but we have become increasing comfortable in executing those transactions online as well.


So image if you could log onto a web based platform, view real time property investment opportunities and invest immediately into property backed monthly income streams.


Sounds too good to be true, well it’s not.


Tens of thousands of UK investors are already participating in property backed marketplace or peer to peer lending and it’s all transacted via the internet.


Rather than investing in the property itself (equity) these investors are investing in property loans (debt or fixed income). Debt is the safest property investment you can make, you are the first in line to be paid back when the property is sold or refinanced and there is an equity cushion sitting above you to cushion the day to day noise and volatility of the property market.


How quickly can you really invest?

  1. Register with the platform (in most cases using digital AML checking, an account could be opened within 5 minutes)
  2. Using your online bank, transfer funds to the platforms client money accounts
  3. Search for suitable investment opportunities
  4. Execute loan investments to build a balanced and diversified loan portfolio
  5. You are now earning property backed regular monthly interest (risk adjusted fixed income returns)
  6. This whole process, application to investment, could take as little as a 1 hour.


In the long term low interest rate environment where time is money, canny investors are seeing the massive opportunity offered by property backed marketplace or peer to peer loans as a quick route to alternative fixed income returns.