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If you’re disillusioned with the money you’re making in your pensions, or if you’d like to earn a high interest rate lending your pension money on Proplend, we have some great news for you.


We’ve recently been approved by pension providers so we can accept pension money.  It means the interest you earn on Proplend will not be subject to Income Tax.  Compared to lending your money personally, you’ll keep all of your interest, instead of giving up to 45% of it to the taxman!


Proplend has partnered with SIPPclub, a firm that provides information and support to people with self-invested pensions, and who would like to lend some of their pension money on Proplend.


If you have a SIPP or a SSAS, or if you have other pensions you’d like to transfer so you can lend on Proplend, SIPPclub will help you discover whether a SIPP or a SSAS is more appropriate for you, and which pension provider is likely to suit you best.


It’s all revealed here ==>


Proplend does not provide financial or pensions advice. If you need to seek advice, you should consult your independent financial adviser.


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