Pushing Boundaries – The 2015 UK Alternative Finance Industry Report

Nesta Alternative Finance Report 2015

The latest in an annual series of reports from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and Nesta, which track the size and development of online alternative finance, in the UK, has been released.


In 2015 the UK online alternative finance sector grew 84%, facilitating £3.2 billion in investments, loans and donations. Proplend is pleased to announce that we were a contributor to this industry-led report, which provides insight and on-going research for the increasingly popular Alternative Finance sector.


5 key points from the 2015 UK Alternative Finance Industry Report published by Nesta:


  1. In 2015 the market grew to £3.2 billion and assuming a reduced industry growth rate of between 55-60% this year, the market is still on course to surpass the £5 billion mark in 2016.
  2. A total of 1.09 million people invested, donated or lent via online alternative finance platforms in the UK.
  3. In 2015, peer-to-peer business lending for Real Estate grew to £609 million, which amounts to 41% of the total volume of peer-to-peer business loans.
  4. A recently published study stated: “44% of UK retail investors would like to increase their exposure to the property market, not only through owning their home but also in other ways, such as investing through peer-to-peer lenders”.
  5. Peer-to-Peer Lending platforms that specialise in Real Estate Finance were particularly optimistic about the introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA, reporting that they expected the IFISA to result in a 51% increase in market volume in 2016.


Download and read the whole report HERE.



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