Proplend Platform Upgrades – Check out our Newly Designed PLE

Proplend Loan Exchange Icon

At Proplend we are always striving to improve the platform, and we have been working hard to refine your experience as a Lender.

With this in mind, we are extremely pleased to introduce our Lenders to the newly re-designed Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE). The PLE has proven to be an extremely popular way to invest, giving Lenders access to instant monthly returns.

The new PLE delivers all of the original benefits, alongside a more user-friendly interface that allows you to easily and quickly invest from a minimum of £1,000.

New features include:

  • Invest in multiples of £1,000
  • All Loan Investment are easily searchable
  • View the amount available for investment in each Loan and in each Tranche
  • A dropdown menu to select the investment amount in multiples of £1,000

Login OR Register now to see the new PLE and to search for your next Loan Investment.

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