Building a Diversified Portfolio Using the Proplend Loan Exchange

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Investing using the Proplend platform is simple, easy and transparent, and with the launch of the Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) the ability to build a diversified portfolio and receive immediate monthly income just got even easier.


Here we present a diversified portfolio using a variety of Loan Investments, Tranche levels, Property types and Investment amounts, with loan terms ranging from two to three years. Although Proplend’s minimum investment requirement is £5,000, we selected mixed investment levels in order to showcase your ability to diversify and the opportunity to invest in loan parts with varying risk levels. With all investments on the Proplend platform offering between 5-10% gross per annum, it is easy to see how you could build a diversified portfolio to suit your own risk and return requirements.


PLE Portfolio Illustration April 2015


In this example, the Loan Investments are being sold at Par Value plus the accrued interest from the start of the payment period to the purchase date. The interest amount is then returned to the buyer at the time of the next payment when the whole interest payment for that period is paid


To view Active loans on the PLE and to start building your own diversified Loan Portfolio Login to your Lender Dashboard or Register as a Lender.


To learn more about the PLE visit the Proplend Loan Exchange


Please remember that Proplend does not offer advice and the loan portfolio above is for illustrative purposes only. Your capital is at risk.

*Rates are before fess, bad debt and taxes

**The illustrative income portfolio was built on Friday 24th April, 2015.

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