An Introduction to Alternative Finance

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The Alternative Finance sector has increased in popularity, and with no end in sight, the movement to revolutionise banking and investing will continue to experience a healthy growth curve.


Our Introduction to Alternative Finance Infographic, looks to provide a visual introduction to the sector. It highlights three of the main Alt Fi models and explores the different transaction types as well as the future growth in the UK and Globally.


Peer to Peer Business lending leads the pack in terms of transaction volume, with P2P Consumer lending, invoice trading and equity crowdfunding following thereafter. Proplend sits firmly amongst the P2P Business Lenders, offering loans to owners of income producing commercial properties. The borrower, whether an individual or a Limited company, owns the property and there is a third party tenant (usually a SME) who pays an agreed rental income as per the commercial lease. This model is supported by a 1st legal charge over the property and in the event of default Proplend investors have the first rights on any funds available from the sale of the property.


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An Introduction to Alternative Finance

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