Summary – Why Choose Proplend IFISA

Published on April 12, 2017
  • Attractive rates of fixed interest income earned tax-free
  • Hassle-free online proposition – you’ll be able to register as a ‘Lender’ and start investing within hours
  • A choice of loan to value-based investment ‘Tranches’ – one to suit most risk-reward appetites
  • Buy and sell loan investments on the Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) – our secondary market
  • Flexibility to withdraw money and return some or all that amount to the ISA in the same tax year without it being considered a new subscription
  • No ISA opening or closing fees and no transfer charges or limits
  • Proplend has full Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation and HMRC ISA Manager status
  • The personal touch – great customer service
  • Proplend has been described as “one of the lowest risk P2P lending platforms” – placing an emphasis on minimising Lender risk
    • All Proplend loans are secured with a first legal charge of income producing UK commercial property but Capital is at risk
    • Maximum loan to value (LTV) of securing commercial property is 75%
    • A six-month ‘interest reserve’ is withheld from the loan capital drawn down as a Lender safeguard
    • Comprehensive due diligence info is made available to registered Lenders about all borrowers, properties and leases

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