Earn 5-12% pa investing on our
lending platform.

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Proplend P2P connects investors directly to corporate borrowers. Loans are secured by income producing UK commercial property, for better rates.

Loan Investing That Matches Your Risk-Return Appetite

Invest in the Loan to Value Based Investment Tranche(s) and loan(s) you're comfortable with. Lend to one borrower or diversify your Loan Investments.


0-50% LTV

6.34% pa*

Lower Risk

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51-65% LTV

7.94% pa*

Medium Risk

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66-75% LTV

9.39% pa*

Higher Risk

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All our P2P marketplace loans are secured by a 1st legal charge over an income producing commercial property.


With peer to peer lending, capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


*This is the annualised percentage return after fees, but before bad debt and taxes for active loans on the platform for the 12 month period to 31 December 2016, with Interest not re-lent. It is calculated by taking an average of the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) across all loans. The average AIR is not weighted based on the value of the monies lent and assumes that the average AIR is achievable based on lending the same amount to all loans listed on the platform. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. (Source: Proplend)

Fixed Income Returns – interest paid monthly

Secured – all loans backed by 1st legal charge over UK commercial property

Transparency – invest in commercial loans to suit your risk-return appetite

Tax Free – if investing via SIPP, SSAS & soon, IF ISA

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Once you become a Proplend Lender you gain immediate access to all available UK Loan Investments, including all supporting loan documents. You are in control and you select your investments based on: property type, location, loan term,  interest rate and individual risk-return appetite.

Funding your Lender Account is simple and after transferring the minimum £1,000 you’re ready to invest and earn! No account opening or annual fees, just a 10% Lender Fee deducted from your fixed monthly income.

Your Lender Dashboard lets you monitor all Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) Investments and all In Funding Loans available. You receive monthly income payments direct to your Lender Account and at the end of the loan term you’re free to withdraw or reinvest your capital.



Borrower: UK
LLP or Ltd Co.

Rate of Return:
5 to 12% pa

Loan Amount:
£500k to £5m
Max. 75% LTV

Invest from £1k:
3 LTV Tranches A, B, and C

Lending Term:
6 to 60 months
Resale via PLE

Secured by:
Retail, Leisure, Industrial or Office Property

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Only 6/64 platforms have earned 4thWay PLUS Ratings and Proplend is one of them. Proplend has been awarded our top rating of five PLUSes for its tranche A product as well as a three PLUSes rating for its tranche B and C products combined.

4thWay - Online Peer to Peer Platform rating agency

Proplend's business model of having first call on the properties on which funds are lent, is reassuring

Proplend Investor

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    Investing in debt, backed by commercial real estate, offers investors attractive risk-adjusted returns: https://t.co/COVEV6CWip #p2plending

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    It was an interesting and worthwhile morning, thanks. Probably enough to discuss for a full day 2nd instalment… https://t.co/MAOJAQi3pL

  • Proplend @proplend / Wed Feb 08

    The Hits Just Keep On Coming For UK Savers - no wonder more of us are turning to Alternative Investments https://t.co/gmZ08UrnJe #p2plending

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