Proplend Loan Exchange

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The Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) is an online marketplace that gives investors immediate access to monthly income and offers current investors liquidity.

Loan Buyer

The PLE is the ideal place for an investor who is looking to lend and receive an immediate return. Simply log into your Lender Dashboard, review Active loans on the PLE and then click “BUY”. Prior to investing in any loan, you can view all available information, including the loan status, the par value and other loan documents.

Loan Seller

If you are an existing Lender and hold loan investments through Proplend, the PLE gives you the opportunity to sell your loan before maturity, following which you can either withdraw the funds or re-invest.

Accrued Interest

In addition to the purchase price, the loan buyer pays the loan seller the interest accrued from the last loan interest payment date up to the date of purchase. On the next loan interest payment date the loan buyer then receives the full months’ worth of interest.

You can access the Proplend Loan Exchange through your Lender Dashboard. Login to see loans available for immediate investment or Register as a Lender today!

The PLE works by simply matching buyers and sellers and liquidity is not guaranteed.