Investment Fees

Lender Investment Fees

Proplend has structured its fees to align interests with the investors on its platform.

The platform charges a ‘Lender Fee’ equal to 10% of the gross interest that investors receive, and the fees are paid monthly or quarterly, according to when interest is paid.

For example:
An investment of £10,000 at 7.5% pa gross interest would result in a monthly interest payment of £62.50.
The 10% fee of £6.25 would be debited after the monthly loan interest payment has been made.
The fee would result in the equivalent of a 0.75% annual charge on funds invested.


Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE)

When selling on the PLE, the seller pays a 0.5% ‘Novation Fee’ on the original loan amount, upon successful sale.  All loans must be sold as whole loan parts.