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Innovative Finance ISA

IFISA Guide – Comprehensive information about how Innovative Finance ISAs work and Proplend’s Flexible ISA

Investor’s IFISA Guide and MythBuster – With a flexible ISA you can take funds out and put them back. You can open more than one ISA of each type each year but you can only subscrive to one. ISA Transfers mean you can fund an ISA even when you’re unable to make further subscriptions

Diary of an ISA Manager – Thoughts and observations from our first month in the job

Best IFISAs Available Now – 4thWays opinion of the best Innovative Finance ISAs on the market. Proplend featuring prominently among the best self select and property ISA options



Investor Infographics, Features & FAQs

5 Simple Steps to Investing with Proplend

How to Invest on the Proplend Loan Exchange

How Proplend Determines Lending Interest Rates – Feature

18 Reasons to Invest in P2P Lending – Feature

Investor (‘Lender’) Frequently Asked Questions


Borrower Infographics, Features & FAQs

Proplend Borrower’s Guide to Peer To Peer Loans

P2P Commercial Property Lending

Borrower Frequently Asked Questions


P2P Lending Infographics & Articles

Proplend’s Guide to Peer to Peer Lending

Peer To Peer Lending Factsheet

5 Facts About the UK P2P Market

Introduction to UK Alternative Finance (AltFi)


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About Proplend’s Platform & Proposition

Platform Statistics – No arrears, no defaults, no investor losses to date. Over £30m P2P lending to date

Our LTV-Based ‘Loan Tranche Model’ – Choose the risk-adjusted returns and investments you’re comfortable with

6 Month Interest Reserve – Offering additional income security for every loan

Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE) – Our secondary loan market for buying and selling ‘live’ loans during their term

4thWay Proplend Platform Review – “Fantastically good security”

Orca Money Proplend Investment Review – “Proplend’s track record in preserving investor’ capital and interest is faultless”

Platform Frequently Asked Questions            Investor FAQs            IFISA FAQs            Borrower FAQs



How P2P Lending Compares

How P2P Lending Differs from Crowdfunding

Property Debt Investments vs Property Equity

Bonds vs P2P Lending



Market Reviews

Record First Half of 2017 for UK P2P and Proplend – News

Proplend’s 2017 Year In Review

Proplend’s 2016 Year in Review

Proplend’s 2015 Year in Review