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Individual Investors

"Good Open P2P Company"

“I have been lending to Proplend for over six months and can only praise their systems and clear communication. They are happy to take phone calls (unlike some other P2P companies!!) and help wherever they can.

Always remember to deduct 10% from the headline rate shown for the interest you will receive. Always read the loan information and decide if you are happy with the risk.”

Norman, Proplend Investor, East Sussex
"A Stand Out Company In The P2P World"

“I have been investing using three other P2P companies since 2013 and have had mixed experiences in terms of percentage returns, communications, write offs and documentation.

In my opinion Proplend have been outstanding in terms of personal communication, well researched documentation, and a fair return given the risk involved. As with all investing situations everyone has their own view on risk reward, In my experience to date Proplend are streets ahead of the other P2P companies that I use.”

Bill, Proplend Investor, Sussex
"Great Platform"

“Very responsive to questions. Good product.”

Benjamin, Proplend Investor, London

Industry Professional & Proplend Investor

"Good Documentation Allows Me To Fully Assess The Risk Of My Investment"

“The best things about Proplend: 1. the amount of information on the loans and the underlying security they provide which allows each investor to fully appreciate the risk they want to take. 2. The loan exchange platform which allows you to buy and sell loans at par. 3. When they get a tax efficient way of investing up and running.

The worst thing: not frequent enough new loan origination. The best of the property related P2Ps in my opinion.”

Louise, Commercial Property Finance Expert & Proplend Investor

Peer To Peer Industry Analysts

"Proplend Has Great Security And High Rates"

“I like Proplend for its simple service, extraordinarily low-risk property loans and very attractive interest rates.

Lending interest rates even in the lowest-risk “Tranche A” range from 5.5% to 7%, which I think is very attractive for the risks involved. If you take a bit more risk with tranches B and C then you can earn more.

You can easily identify loans that are for just 50% or less of the property valuation – just look for Proplend’s ‘Tranche A’ loans.”

Matthew Howard, 4thWay Analyst
"Proplend Receives 5 PLUS Rating From 4thWay [For Its Tranche A Investments]"

“This is frankly very impressive considering we add huge penalties to our models for any platforms with a history as short as Proplend. I’m really quite astounded that despite this Proplend still get the top score, it shows the underlying safeness for investors and the risk-reward balance.

In my opinion the lowest-risk peer to peer lenders are Landbay [residential property] and Proplend [commercial property].”

Neil Faulkner, 4thWay Managing Director
"Thanks to all investors and experts who've reviewd us. Your feedback is much appreciated - The Proplend Team"

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