Refer a Friend Lender Offer – Returning in 2018

Reasons to Consider Peer to Peer Lending with Proplend:

And from time to time we throw in another one – Refer a Friend.
Look out for our next promotion period in 2018  P2P Lending Collaboration


We want to reward our Lenders for recommending us to their friends and family

Our platform Lenders have been saying some pretty nice things about us for a while now and have kindly taken to TrustPilot to recommend our investments and service to anyone who is interested in hearing about their experience of peer to peer lending.

We want to reward our customers for their loyalty and recommending our platform to their friends, family and colleagues by adding £50 bonuses to their Proplend accounts. And we want to reward the ‘friends’ that they’ve referred for giving us a try by crediting £50 to their account after they’ve made their first loan investment. 

Once the referred person has registered as a Proplend Lender and made their first investment (be it to a Proplend ‘Classic’ or IFISA account), both the referrer and referred customer will receive their £50 bonus to their platform account within 28 days. If the referrer is also new to Proplend, they will need to have registered and invested too (within the offer period) before either party will be paid their Refer a Friend bonus.

Any existing Proplend Lenders who have either previously invested or are currently invested with us, do not need to invest again during the promotion. They just need to wait for their referred friend to have invested to qualify for the bonus – and they can refer as many friends as they want. They’ll receive a £50 bonus to their Proplend account for every friend they’ve referred who invests with us during the 2-month offer period.

‘Friends’ can include family members over the age of 18, however only one friend or family member can be referred who is registered address is the same as the referrer.


Important – Remember to select the ‘Refer a Friend’ option when registering

Referred Lenders must select the ‘Refer a Friend’ option from the ‘How did you hear about Proplend’ options when registering with Proplend. They will also be asked to provide the name of the existing Proplend customer who referred them. We reserve the right not to pay a Refer a Friend bonus if these two fields are not correctly completed at the point of registration.


Next Steps

Click here for Full Terms and Conditions of our Refer a Friend offer.