Orchard Platform


Orchard Platform

Proplend joined the Orchard Originator Database, a first of its kind source for comprehensive information on leading loan originators. Orchard’s database allows institutional investors and investment managers to filter and search by multiple criteria, making it easier for them to find and fund opportunities. Proplend in partnership with Orchard offers (North American) institutional investors access to UK commercial property lending opportunities through their sophisticated and data driven platform. Investors can deploy capital at scale in marketplace lending with operational efficiency, advanced analytics, and strategic access to supply.

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About Orchard

Orchard Platform is a technology and infrastructure provider for marketplace lending. Orchard supports operational efficiencies to help institutional investors, investment managers and loan originators connect and transact. Founded in New York City in 2013, Orchard’s mission is to build the systems that will allow marketplace lending to efficiently grow into a global financial market. Orchard enables institutional investors and investment managers to allocate capital to marketplace lending, with best practices, manager identification, portfolio benchmarking and strategic access to supply. Orchard helps originators across multiple asset classes diversify their capital structure with marketplace lending distribution, and provides market insights, scalable infrastructure and reporting to enable originators to focus on making loans and giving borrowers more choices. Orchard has been named to Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups list and is recognized for its technical and analytical thought leadership as explored on its blog.

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SIPPclub - Proplend Profile



Our partner SIPPclub provides information and support to people with self-invested pensions. SIPPclub specialises in providing affluent people with information and insight into how a SIPP or SSAS can be used outside of the stockmarket, and how to extract the best value from cash investments.  SIPPclub is the leading player for self-invested pensions in the crowdfunding and peer-to-peer sector.

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Whitehall Group


Whitehall Group

Proplend is pleased to be approved by the Whitehall Group, an independent Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator that runs a SSAS only.

Whitehall Group is an independent Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator providing bespoke solutions to self-administered pension schemes. The directors of Whitehall have 40 years experience in this market and are happy to work with you and your advisers to create the best retirement solution for you.

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Execution partners

Proplend partners with a number of leading professional firms.


LEGAL SERVICES: A panel of suitably qualified law firms including Keystone Law

VALUATIONS: Valuers will be instructed on a deal by deal basis

AML & KYC: IDU Tracesmart

CREDIT & ANTI-FRAUD SERVICES: Proplend uses a combination of service providers